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Press Release
Jun 26 2017
Farmers are investing more in nutrient management techniques that utilize and balance synthetic and organic fertilizers to maximize yields and build quality soil microbiology.
Case Study
Apr 7 2017
BioFlora conducted a four year trial on an avocado field to help mitigate sodium buildup, which had occurred due to the use of sodium irrigation water and a prolonged drought.
Case Study
Apr 6 2017
BioFlora conduced a trial on carrots in Lancaster, California to test whether the addition of BioFlora products would increase yield, crop quality, and soil tilth.
Case Study
Mar 28 2017
Using top-performing BioFlora products, our highest priorities were to develop even ripening and enhance the quality of treated grapes to produce a higher quality wine by stabilizing the fermentation process.
Case Study
Mar 14 2017
BioFlora® began a trial on table grapes in Coachella, California to determine if our products would enhance the soil microbial population, Brix levels, shelf life, and the grape size of table grapes.
Case Study
Jan 10 2016
BioFlora® began a trial on Romaine Lettuce in Antigua, Guatemala to determine if adding several BioFlora products to a conventional fertilizer program would increase the shelf life and the size of the lettuce leaf.
Case Study
Aug 11 2015
The purpose of this trial was to test whether supplementing a conventional fertilizer program with BioFlora products on leaf lettuce would improve germination rate, weight and quality, reduce soil crusting, and inhibit Sclerotinia sclerotorium.
Agriculture Article
Jun 18 2015
Water is the key to life for all living things. Unfortunately, pollution of the world’s water supply has continued to be an issue for growers worldwide. Fortunately, BioFlora can help.