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Case Study
Nov 29 2017
BioFlora® launched a sugar cane trial to determine if our sustainable approach to agriculture could help increase germination for more productive fields, sugar content for higher quality returns and build microbial stability to create naturally fertile soils to better protect against pests and disease.
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Sep 11 2017
Case Study
Jul 12 2017
Seedling establishment in sensitive crops is a crucial step in cultivation. Proper seedling transplanting requires the young plants’ ability to overcome what is commonly known as transplant shock. To help farmers with this growing problem, BioFlora formulated and tested a new product, RP Blend (RP is short for root promoter).
Case Study
Apr 11 2017
Our case studies are a true testament to the continued power of our product line; one such example includes the application of our products to fields yielding one of everyone’s favorite fruit: the strawberry.
Case Study
Apr 7 2017
Melon consumption has remained high worldwide for a variety of reasons, our aim in this field study was to increase the production and quality of cantaloupes over a conventional fertilization program.
Case Study
Apr 6 2017
BioFlora conduced a trial on carrots in Lancaster, California to test whether the addition of BioFlora products would increase yield, crop quality, and soil tilth.
Case Study
Mar 28 2017
Using top-performing BioFlora products, our highest priorities were to develop even ripening and enhance the quality of treated grapes to produce a higher quality wine by stabilizing the fermentation process.
Case Study
Mar 24 2017
BioFlora conducted several trials throughout the world to help potato growers improve their soil conditions, market value and potato crop quality.
Case Study
Mar 14 2017
BioFlora® began a trial on table grapes in Coachella, California to determine if our products would enhance the soil microbial population, Brix levels, shelf life, and the grape size of table grapes.
Case Study
Oct 24 2016
Wheat production has always been an important agricultural market worldwide. With this in mind, BioFlora has made it our mission to ensure that growers are able to harvest the maximum quantity and consumers have access to the highest quality wheat products on the market.