The Dirty Work: Carrot Case Study

Apr 6, 2017

BioFlora Improves Yields and Quality for Carrot Farmer

BioFlora conduced a trial on a carrot crop in Lancaster, California to test whether the addition of BioFlora products would increase yield, crop quality and soil tilth. Our Method In this trial, the grower used a conventional fertilizer program based on the use of UN-32. BioFlora applied a program consisting of Humega®, GOgreen®, Fulmega™ 1% Mg, BioFlora Seaweed Creme®, BioFlora® 5-17-4, BioFlora® 5-3-2, BioFlora® 0-0-25, Minera™, and DynaMega® 2-1-1 throughout the season. Our Results The BioFlora treated field produced 100 tons of carrots per acre against the control field, which only produced 65 tons per acre.
BioFlora treated carrots (left) against Control carrots (right), notice larger size of the taproot.
  The BioFlora treated field had a total cost of $389 per acre against the control’s $410 per acre. The BioFlora treated crop received 66% less nitrogen than the control field throughout the crop cycle. This was mainly due to the reduction of the grower standard program by 50%, when supplemented with BioFlora products.   The BioFlora treated carrots were cleaner (as the produce had less dirt), had longer carrots and greater weight at harvest. The BioFlora field carrots also were able to be pulled out of the soil easier, as the soil was more friable with more aggregates. The treated field also harvested two weeks earlier than the control field. A Bit More About Our ProductsHumega
Control field carrots, the excessive amounts of dirt on the harvested carrots will lead to higher harvest cost.
BioFlora treated carrots, carrots with less dirt will lower the harvest cost for the grower.
is a biologically active humic acid, which facilitates soil tilth and boosts microbial activity. We utilize a proprietary extraction process that is unique to our business, which aids our approach in maximizing the amounts of humic acids we are able to procure.   GOgreen is a proprietary liquid mixture of freshwater microalgae that includes algae species in the genera Chlorella, Nannochloris and Scenedesmus. These species are beneficial to both plants and soils by creating a healthy growing environment.   Fulmega 1% Mg in enhanced with ionic magnesium which has the unique ability to enhance photosynthetic activity, slow chlorophyll degradation, activate cellular energy, and improve the bioavailability of traditional chemical fertilizer inputs. BioFlora Seaweed Creme begins with hand-harvested, sun-dried Ascophyllum nodosum, a seaweed found in the cold waters off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. This seaweed is homogenized, processed at ambient temperatures and then enhanced with our patented ionic minerals. DynaMega is the perfect combination of fish solubles and seaweed that has been formulated to maximize the development and formation of a wide variety of crops. Its ingredients create the ideal balance of amino acids, proteins, auxins, micronutrients and growth stimulants.       About BioFlora BioFlora was founded in 1972 with a goal to conceptualize, develop, manufacture, market, and deliver a proprietary product line to the agricultural community. Through our innovative products and programs, we provide solutions to our customers in both domestic and international markets. Today we have over 30 unique proprietary products that benefit growers, retailers, and consumers. Our organic and sustainable agricultural programs maximize the efficacy and efficiency of traditional agricultural inputs, while being mindful of their environmental impact.