Solutions to Water Quality Issues

Jun 18, 2015
Water is the key to life for all living things. It plays a major role in various systems in the human body, and is a source of nourishment for plants and animals. Unfortunately, pollution of the world’s water supply has continued to be an issue. Causes of poor water quality can primarily be linked to inefficient industrial farming methods. Practices such as improper waste disposal lead to leakages into streams and rivers, over-fertilization of the soil, and contamination of drinking waters. The mission of BioFlora® is to educate growers, consumers, and retailers on sustainable agriculture practices. With the help of the Integrated Life Sciences Research Center® (ILSRC), an affiliate company dedicated to product development and research, BioFlora® has been able to offer an increasingly expanding product line of organic, high-quality solutions. In this article and accompanying infographic, we’ll take a look at how three core products help industrial farmers to improve crop yields in a way which is safe and sustainable.


This product uses humates, unique substances that occur in soils, to improve the rate and percentage of seed germination, stimulate plant growth, amplify root system development, and provide many other important benefits.


Our GOgreen soil additive contains a proprietary selection of freshwater algae. Polysaccharides, proteins, and enzymes combine in this customized solution to help growers improve crop production. Read more about the benefits of algae in the article “Benefits of Algae”.


This magnesium supplement is composed of nanomolecules which increase soil flocculation.

How Do Chemicals React with Humega, GOgreen, and Fulmega?

Excess sodium, chloride, sulfur, and nitrogen ions are toxic to plants. Many times irrigation water contains a high concentration of one or more of these chemicals, which can negatively affect the growth and development of plants. Adding Humega, GOgreen, or Fulmega either alone or in combination with one another, to your irrigation program will help combat the effects of these chemical agents on your crops.


Polycarboxylic acids react with excess sodium to push it away from roots.
Active enzymes liberate excess sodium, enabling water to push it away from roots.
Bioactive chelating ions bind with sodium to reduce sodium toxicity.


Increases soil surface reaction sites to tie-up chloride and make it inaccessible to roots.
Positive ions bind excess chloride and prevent root uptake.


Excess sulfur is volatilized from soil and water into gas by sulfur-reducing bacteria.
Consumes excess sulfates, which may then be consumed by soil microorganisms.
Bioactive chelating ions bind with sulfur to reduce sodium toxicity.


Nitrogen is immobilized by microbial processes into an organic, complex nutrient.
Active enzymes convert excess ammonia and nitrates to organic nitrogen compounds.

Additional Benefits for Soil

In addition to the ability to combat the negative effects of toxic levels of certain chemicals, Humega, GOgreen, and Fulmega also:
  • Support the soil’s ability to hold moisture
  • Increase hydraulic conductivity
  • Improve soil structure
  • Improve soil buffering capacity
These three products, and many more, can be found on our Products page. For more information on improving crop yields, read our article “How to Increase Crop Yield”.
Solutions to Water Quality Issues