Sports Turf & Landscape Products

Nature Knows Best® is BioFlora’s way of doing business, and every product we offer is designed to maintain the environment’s natural balance. This tradition has lasted over 40 years, and is the reason BioFlora® creates unique and superior products that help avoid the overuse of chemical fertilizers and fungicides, which are damaging to not only plants, but the soils they are grown in. Our years of experience, expertise, and the science behind our products has revolutionized the agricultural industry, and can do the same for the sports turf and landscape community.

Sports Turf

BioFlora® is a trusted brand in the industry, whether it is football, soccer, baseball, or any other sport, our treated athletic fields produce a dense, green, and durable surface that resists pests and environmental stress. Our products provide athletes the optimum playing field and field owners the maximum value on their investment.


BioFlora® is the perfect way for professional landscapers to nurture the plants, shrubs, trees, and ground cover under their care. With our line of products it is now possible to enhance the natural life cycle of plants, be cost efficient, and still maintain industry quality results.

Golf Courses

BioFlora® has all the tools a greenskeeper needs to keep their greens, fairways, tees, and roughs robust and healthy all year round. Our collection of products helps provide an excellent playing surface for avid golfers that can withstand the harshest environments and the toughest backswing.
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Our Dry Crumbles® line offers two distinct formulations for the sports turf and landscape industries. These products were developed to be a balanced blend of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, and to contain high levels of calcium, minor, and trace minerals.

Dry Crumbles® 3-4-2 is an organic granular fertilizer fortified with seaweed. Dry Crumbles® 8-3-6 is a sustainable granular fertilizer with high quality nutrients.

Each product is characterized by a slow-release formula and carbon-based granules that will provide renewed vigor, increase beneficial microbes, stimulate root mass, and reduce plant pathogens.


Fulvex® is an ionic, increasingly bioavailable form of fulvic acid which assists with greener grasses and healthier plants. This is possible as the product effectively transports nutrients and other essential minerals directly to cell metabolic sites. From there it easily enters roots, stems, and leaves to stimulate processes such as reduced wilting, moisture retention, nutrient release, and oxygen release (to protect plants from environmental stress). Fulvex® is a certified organic product.


Humega® is a biologically enhanced humic acid with a carbon base, which facilitates soil tilth and boosts microbial activity. We utilize a proprietary extraction process that is unique to our business, which aids our approach in maximizing the amounts of humic acids we are able to procure. Science is only beginning to understand the benefits that humic acids have for plant life; these organic acids have been proven to reduce salts, inhibit soil pathogens, save water, build soil carbon, and enhance fertilizer applications. Through these benefits, soils can begin to recover from decades of over-chemicalization within a very short time period. Humega® is a certified organic product.


GO Isolates® is the most innovative technology available today. Our GO Isolates® contains the proven performer Humega®, now fortified with two strains of microorganisms from the Bacillus species. This particular bacterial species has been linked to the biological suppression of numerous pathogens common in turf grasses and ornamentals. GO Isolates® works to decrease the degree of disease progression by out-competing pathogens for nutrients and/or space, producing substances that protect plants from infection, or decreasing the diseases population in the soil. Additionally, these microorganisms further break down molecular compounds in the soil via enzymatic activity – releasing nutrients that would otherwise be unavailable to the plant and other soil organisms. GO Isolates® is a certified organic product.


Seaweed Creme® is made from the North Atlantic’s Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed. While most companies use chemical-based, high-heat extraction methods to produce seaweed extracts, we employ an organic process that begins with hand-harvesting, sun-drying, and homogenizing the entire plant. We then process the seaweed at ambient temperatures and enhance it with our patented ionic minerals. This procedure secures all of the natural, beneficial qualities of seaweed in order to stimulate the growth of roots, plants, and blooms. BioFlora Seaweed Creme® is a certified organic product.