Our Story

BioFlora® was founded in 1972 and was the first company to make up what is now Global Organics® Group. As a company, and as a part of the Global Organics® Group of companies, our goal at BioFlora is to conceptualize, develop, and deliver a proprietary product line to our customers worldwide.

Science, research and expertise make up the foundation in which BioFlora was built on. Through our environmental sustainability efforts aimed at preserving our ecosystem, as well as our unique proprietary product line, we are able to:

  • Enhance plant growth and beneficial bacteria and fungi
  • Mineralize soil nutrients by increasing the decomposition of organic and synthetic materials
  • Aid soil ecology, recovery, friability and fertility
  • Increase microbial diversification, population and density
  • Increase plant metabolism
  • Mitigate plant stress from environmental conditions
  • Aid in bud and flower formation
  • Increase root growth, fruit development, and shelf life
  • Enhance disease resistance and suppression

Our Family of Companies

Awards & Certification