BioFlora Announces Breakthrough Treatment of Citrus Greening

Nov 22, 2019
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: NOVEMBER 20, 2019                      Contact:  Jessica WellsPhone:623.932.1522Email:jwells@globalorganicsgroup.com   BioFlora Announces Breakthrough Treatment of Citrus GreeningTrees infected with HLB can live without negative effects of the infestationGOODYEAR, ARIZONA, November 20, 2019 – BioFlora today announced a breakthrough in the treatment of Citrus Greening (HLB).  The Arizona-based company will share details of their revolutionary treatment with Florida citrus growers in Sebring, Florida, Thursday, November 21, 2019.  HLB is currently found in every commercial citrus-producing county in Florida.  The all-natural BioFlora products demonstrate significant progress fighting the infestation that has caused billions of dollars in loss to the citrus industry worldwide.
  • Citrus greening is also known as Huanglongbing or HLB. Once trees are infected with HLB, they eventually die. There has been no cure for the disease.
  • The economic damage of HLB is alarming. Financial loss has been estimated at $4.5 billion in Florida, along with the loss of more than 8,200 jobs and the bankruptcy of numerous growers.
  • Florida and Texas have the highest rate of HLB infestation among U.S. states. However, the disease remains a constant threat in both California and Arizona. HLB has also been found in Georgia, South Carolina, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, according to the USDA.
For over three years, BioFlora’s research has resulted in a nutritional solution citrus growers can implement immediately.  The results were measured and challenged annually until an effective treatment resulted from the BioFlora programs, which includes the application of both soil and foliar products.  The products are both biologically and ecologically friendly.  Following application, trees produce normal to above normal yields with exceptional quality fruit. “Our BioFlora products protect citrus trees by building up the tree’s immunity system to successfully defend against HLB,” explains Luke Blotsky, CEO of Global Organics, parent company of BioFlora. “This is our best example of using cutting edge technology and scientific collaboration to solve agricultural issues at the molecular level.” First detected in Florida in 2005, HLB is a disease caused by Candidatus liberibacter spp.  It is transmitted by Asian Citrus Psyllid insects through the leaves of citrus trees.  Once infested, the tree’s vascular system becomes plugged resulting in yellow leaves and eventual tree death.  The BioFlora treatment boosts citrus trees’ immunity to fight HLB, much like vaccines do for humans.  Because plants are immobile, they have developed an amazing defense system to combat danger.  Molecules move throughout the plant triggering defensive compounds that fight infestation, and the BioFlora program boosts this defensive capability with beneficial long term effects.  Vascular tissues in treated trees can successfully move photosynthates through the trees’ phloem, which is typically blocked by the HLB infestation.  Long term, the phloem of infected trees outgrows the clogging effects of HLB.  BioFlora plans to launch Florida field trials beginning in January 2020. “The BioFlora HLB program includes both nutrition and beneficial bacteria/microalgae,” describes Dr. Srinivas Makam, BioFlora’s Molecular and Microbiologist.  “We were startled to discover the way citrus trees fight HLB with our program.  It results in decreased infestation, recovery of infected citrus trees, and enhanced fruit quality and quantity.” BioFlora products have been used extensively in more than 50 commercial crops, including both table and wine grapes, fruit and nut trees, and row crops.  Customized strategies build suppressive soils and improve plant defenses according to the crop, region, cultural practices, and environmental conditions. ### BioFlora believes in the partnership between plants and the soils.  The Goodyear, Arizona, company has spent more than 40 years transforming plant health with cutting edge bio-stimulants that fight disease, nutrient deficiencies, and unproductive soils. Citrus tree health and nutrition has been the focus of the Lab-to-Land Program where all-natural ingredients are enhanced with patented Cellular Infuson™ Technology.  BioFlora is committed to bringing organic and sustainable solutions to growers, fitting their products to a grower’s specific needs.  Additional information can be found at www.bioflora.com.