BioFlora Launches Sale of Fulvex® in California

Mar 6, 2020
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: MARCH 5, 2020                  Contact:  Jessica WellsPhone:623.932.1522Email:jwells@globalorganicsgroup.com 

BioFlora Launches Sale of Fulvex® in California Fulvex may increase yield and crop production|

  GOODYEAR, ARIZONA, March 5, 2020 – BioFlora® announced today that one if its signature products, Fulvex®, was approved by the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA). The product is compliant with the California Fertilizing Materials Law and Regulations and USDA National Organic Program standards. Fulvex® is also certified by OMRI which is recognized by the USDA National Organic Program. The Arizona-based company has been selling Fulvex® to some of the nation’s top growers and it has been a trusted product for yield and crop production. BioFlora® will be one of the first companies to sell a pure form of liquid “extract of leonardite” product in California. “Throughout the world, commercial growers are faced with various challenges. From extreme weather conditions, pests and plant pathogens, drought, soil pH, and many more. They need environmentally-friendly solutions and innovative technologies that have been field tested and approved to stand up against these challenges. Fulvex® is unlike any other on the market today.” said Luke Blotsky, CEO of Global Organics, parent company of BioFlora®. The basis of Fulvex® is a mineraloid called leonardite. Leonardite is created as a result of the decomposition of plant materials that have been compressed over millions of years in the earth’s crust. For centuries, leonardite has been used as a fertilizer due to its unique properties which aid in soil health and fertility. What differentiates Fulvex® from other leonardite organic acid-based products is its origin. Humate locations where leonardite is mined, from warm weather to cold weather, can have many different properties (swamps, forest trees, desert vegetation, etc.) and can contain many different characteristics. By diversifying its sources, BioFlora® incorporates the “Best of the Best” from these locations which contributes to the diversity resulting in a superior product. BioFlora® has made it a top priority to select sites with the highest values and greatest consistency. Fulvex® is manufactured using a patented extraction process and diversification formula (US Patent Number: 9044417.) Due to the rich diversity, Fulvex® is a vibrant, dark, orangish color that is similar to that of a ripe orange. Cellular Infuson™ Technology is also a key differentiator in the manufacturing process that allows BioFlora® to preserve the powerful ionic properties present in Fulvex®. Fulvex® has multiple uses in the agriculture industry and is sold as a standalone product or blended as an ingredient within other products. When added, it may enhance the performance of the formulation by enabling efficient micronutrient uptake, may enhance yield and crop production, in turn adding value to crop quality and quantity while increasing market value. 1.      Fulvex® is extracted in a way that maintains itspurity and high quality. This is evident in the rich and vibrant color referred to as the “golden standard.”     2.      Fulvex® is also available in a micronized spray dried powder, this product is 100% water soluble, highly concentrated, and extremely bioavailable. BioFlora® utilizes a custom low heat drying process.     “At BioFlora, we pride ourselves as being the ‘Golden Standard’ as it relates to the many benefits Fulvex® offers. We have learned over the last 40+ years in business that diversity yields better results!” Blotsky concludes. ### BioFlora® believes in the partnership between plants and soils. The Goodyear, Arizona, company has spent more than 40 years transforming plant health with cutting edge bio-stimulants that enhance quality and yield, increase microbial diversification, aid soil ecology, and improve resistance to disease. BioFlora® is committed to bringing organic and sustainable solutions to growers, fitting their products to a grower’s specific needs. The company takes pride in using all-natural ingredients to manufacture its products enhanced with their patented Cellular Infuson™ Technology. Additional information can be found at www.bioflora.com.