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Case Study
Oct 14 2016
BioFlora® utilizes an exclusive combination of algae and micronutrients tailored to reduce the deficiencies present in most alfalfa crops in our new product, Alfalfa Blend.
Press Release
Sep 23 2016
Through years of research, BioFlora® has developed Humega® to assist in the microbial restoration process and restore soil ecology to depleted soils from overchemicalization.
Press Release
May 16 2016
DynaMega 2-1-1 is organic and environmentally friendly; made from a proprietary mixture of fish solubles and a liquid seaweed product, it is OMRI listed for both certified organic or sustainable crops.
Press Release
Mar 22 2016
Knowledgeable growers who want to increase crop production are turning to the nutrient-rich ocean for assistance.
Case Study
Jan 10 2016
BioFlora® began a trial on Romaine Lettuce in Antigua, Guatemala to determine if adding several BioFlora products to a conventional fertilizer program would increase the shelf life and the size of the lettuce leaf.
Case Study
Aug 11 2015
The purpose of this trial was to test whether supplementing a conventional fertilizer program with BioFlora products on leaf lettuce would improve germination rate, weight and quality, reduce soil crusting, and inhibit Sclerotinia sclerotorium.
Agriculture Article
Aug 19 2014
As our name suggests, biotechnology is at the core of what we do at BioFlora®. Science, research and expertise make up the foundation of everything we do.
Case Study
Aug 1 2014
We conducted a trial to determine if GOgreen could increase the yellow corns root biomass and yield, while reducing the percentage of moisture in the harvested produce.