The Dirty Work: Yellow Field Corn Case Study

Aug 1, 2014
How do BioFlora® products actually work?Decades of research and development have gone into our BioFlora line of products. As an affiliate of Global Organics Group, at BioFlora we believe in the partnership between crops and the soils they are grown in, and unlike other companies, we do not apply synthetic additives to achieve a short-term solution for a long-term problem. We begin the process by going directly to the field and working from the ground up. By obtaining samples of soils and crops, testing them in one of our research facilities, we can determine the source of a problem or potential issues. It doesn’t stop there. As technology improves and evolves, our mission continues to also enhance our products and develop new and innovative solutions. If you find yourself curious as to how BioFlora® products actually work, please don’t just take our word for it. Our case studies are a true testament to the continued power of our products; one such test includes the application of GOgreen® to a starter fertilizer for field corn. To further our dedication to our products, throughout the years we have conducted numerous additional environmental scientific tests in partnership with other respected organizations from around the world. We have seen true results time and time again. In this case study, we partnered with the Irrigation Research Foundation (IRF) in Colorado, to conduct our experiment. What was the purpose of this trial? The purpose of this trial was to determine if an application of GOgreen to the starter fertilizer of yellow field corn would increase the crop’s root biomass and yield, while reducing the percentage of moisture in harvested corn. Replicated plots grew in both (1) pH challenged and (2) area-typical pH soils. For six months in 2011 (May – November) IRF and BioFlora conducted the trial on field corn in Yuma, Colorado. The trial broke ground on May 9th with a plant count of 34,000 field corn per acre, and was completed upon the crop’s harvest on November 30th. What is GOgreen? GOgreen is a blend of green and yellow-green microalgae cells suspended in fresh water and designed to benefit soil structure and plant growth. The patented organic process to grow and harvest the microalgae is extremely innovative as it utilizes all aspects of plant growth biology in a liquid medium. By adding GOgreen the benefits of these unique classes of organisms is realized. The most dramatic developments are achieved when GOgreen is administered at pre-plant, planting and the early stages of the growth cycle. Nonetheless, GOgreen can be applied at any phenological stage of plant growth. What procedures took place? The untreated field (control subject) and fields treated with BioFlora (variable subjects) were each given the same fertilizer and herbicide applications throughout the trial. The quantities that each field received can be seen here in the full case study. There were four individual GOgreen applications applied to the BioFlora fields, each with different product rates and application times. To view these figures please go to the results section of the case study. What were the results? The scientific testing carried out using GOgreen® revealed: 1. Improved crop production on corn grown in both soil types. 2. Improvement of lowered kernel moisture and weight data. 3. Improved crop yield. We also found a substantial improvement in root development on the crop treated with BioFlora (on right). The lateral roots and support roots are considerably different between the untreated and BioFlora-treated plants. This further highlights the benefits of adding GOgreen. As you can see in this image, the BioFlora-treated corn (on right) showed improved moisture and weight when compared to corn grown in untreated soil (on left) in high pH soils with GOgreen applications. BioFlora aims to preserve our ecosystem through environmentally sustainable efforts as well as a unique proprietary product line, which GOgreen is a part of. The core business model is to create a partnership between crops and soil which in turn focuses on the needs of the customer so that we can work with growers instead of simply for growers. To learn more about our case studies, click here. For a full list of BioFlora products, click here.