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May 29 2018
You wouldn’t run a marathon without proper preparation and training, right? If you stop and think about it, planting a vegetable garden can be considered as a race too.
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Mar 6 2018
“What can we use on our lawn that would be safe for the environment, our children, our pets, but will still green-up our lawn?” Find the answer here!
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Dec 15 2017
Most people understand the importance of spring, summer, and fall feedings and watering of their lawns; but, rarely do people understand the importance of preparing their lawn for the long winter slumber.
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Oct 16 2017
Citrus trees are excellent choices for home landscaping, learn how to properly fertilize, water and prune these wonderful and tasty fruit trees.
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Sep 11 2017
BFG Supply has a long and proud history of serving the Professional Grower and Lawn & Garden industries.
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Sep 5 2017
Want to eat healthy and potentially save money? Start your own vegetable and herb garden!
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Apr 11 2017
Soil compaction is a real issue in many yards of American homeowners; and over the years, many of us have experienced or thought “I have nothing but clay in my yard”. However the truth of the matter usually is; No, we actually have dead soil!
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Apr 5 2017
SummerWinds employees at the Bethany Home Road location in Phoenix began using BioFlora products on the plants at the garden center, and were surprised by the immediate effects they observed.
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Mar 2 2017
BioFlora is founded on the premise of being “stewards of the environment,” and offers alternative products to insecticides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers for sustainable or organic gardening that promotes the health and vigor of all plant life and supports pollinators.
Press Release
Jan 9 2017
With a mission to bring organic solutions to homeowners, BioFlora® has taken the all-natural ingredients found in their agricultural products and made them available to home gardeners.