BioFlora® Offers Pollinator Friendly Organic Gardening Practices

Mar 2, 2017
Home Gardens can be Thriving Communities to Help the Worldwide Decline of Pollinators
PHOENIX, AZ (March 2017) –  Worldwide decline of bees, butterflies and other insects have caused major investigation and action for protecting pollinators, which currently service 3/4th of the world’s food crop, valued at between $235 to $577 billion.[1]  The biggest culprit is neonicotinoids, known as “neonics,” an insecticide that is toxic to bees and other insects, and has been shown to affect their central nervous system, reproduction and foraging activities even at low level exposures. The availability of neonicotinoid insecticides as an active ingredient was found in 300 insecticide products sold at nursery or home garden settings.[2] BioFlora is founded on the premise of being “stewards of the environment,” and offers alternative products to insecticides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers for sustainable or organic gardening that promotes the health and vigor of all plant life and supports pollinators. The public is becoming more aware of the need for bee-friendly and pollinator-friendly gardening, to bring back bees and appreciating the abundance of flowers and vegetables they support. With growing public awareness, more demand for eco-friendly options is becoming available, to better help customers who want to support pollinators in their home gardens, especially by providing a safe foraging habitat in many rural and urban areas.[3] Home gardeners are increasingly realizing how critical it is for them to act, to protect pollinators and try more sustainable approaches that benefit bees, butterflies and other pollinators. Offering safer choices for amending soil and fertilizing the plants, BioFlora offers optimum products for home gardeners that support biodiversity, natural resistance to pests and disease, and can safely be applied to flowering plants without harming insects or wildlife. BioFlora provides trusted products from over 40 years in the agricultural industry, with science-based research in sustainable and organic solutions for superior plant nutrition. It is expected consumers will frequently ask for safer, healthier and more sustainable products for their gardens, with natural and organic products growing at a popularity rate of 8% in overall lawn and garden sales.[4] Natural and organic lawn and garden supplies were valued at $475 million in 2014, growing at a compound annual rate of 4.4% since 2010.4 BioFlora products support sustainable or organic gardening through unique products such as Dry Crumbles®, Soil Source® and Seaweed Creme®.
Why BioFlora?
BioFlora’s granular product, Dry Crumbles, is different than chemical fertilizers as it utilizes quick-release nitrogen for rapid uptake and microorganisms slowly release the remaining nutrients, giving plants long lasting results. As a biologically enhanced humic acid, Soil Source restores soil fertility and microbial diversity and aids in the recovery process from over-fertilization. By developing a healthy soil ecology, Soil Source can invigorate plant growth to better handle a variety of diseases and environmental stress. The need for pest control is managed and the home gardener is able to reduce the use of pesticides that could affect pollinators. For the greenhouse industry, nurseries and home gardeners who like to start early, Seaweed Creme is an excellent product for increased seed germination, strong root growth, and protecting plants against stress, frost and drought. By incorporating Seaweed Creme early in the growth cycle, much of the need for systematic insecticides, which have been shown to harm to pollinators from residuals that persist on mature plants and budding flowers, can be reduced. This product is excellent in producing crops and supporting the garden, effectively boosting plant hormones with sustainably harvested seaweed and infused ionic minerals, acting as a growth stimulant for new shoots, stronger roots, flowering and fruit sets. BioFlora’s CEO and agricultural expert, Luke Blotsky says, “I am dedicated to building the business around the benefits of protecting and reactivating the power of natural, organic and sustainable agriculture.” For over forty years, farmers have bet their crops and livelihoods on BioFlora products, now these successful enhancements are available in independent nurseries and garden centers.
Benefits of BioFlora Products:
Dry Crumbles® 6-10-1 + 10% Ca – An organic coarse grade dry fertilizer formulated to provide an excellent source of high-quality, nutrients for all types of plants and lawns. This unique formulation will give a long-lasting green-up to grasses and renewed vigor to flowering plants and shrubs. OMRI Listed. Soil Source® – This unique, biologically enhanced humic acid provides a diverse spectrum of naturally occurring beneficial microbes to help rebuild and restore soils. Soil Source is a liquid concentrate that contains essential ingredients for activating microbial activity in the soil. Good soil is the first step to a healthy plant, garden, or lawn. OMRI Listed. Seaweed Creme® – Seaweed naturally contains potent concentrations of trace minerals, micronutrients, amino acids, and vitamins essential to plant growth. Our product is a superior seaweed as we harness the entire plant to ensure all these beneficial qualities are available to nourish your plants’ roots and blooms. OMRI Listed. About BioFlora BioFlora is a division of Global Organics® Group (GOG), an international life sciences company that develops and manufactures proprietary organic and sustainable plant nutrition products and natural ionic minerals for human and animal health. For more than 40 years GOG and its BioFlora® business have been committed to preserving the earth’s ecosystem while providing superior plant nutrient systems. Located in Goodyear, Arizona, USA, GOG is able to serve customers both locally and globally with the use of Green Acres, its 1,200 acre research farm, as well as its USDA Permitted Integrated Life Science Research Center® (ILSRC).  For more information about Global Organics® Group, or to interview CEO and Managing Partner Luke Blotsky, please contact Sarah Van Wyk at svanwyk@globalorganicsgroup.com. Visit www.globalorganicsgroup.com to learn more.