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Press Release
Mar 2 2015
It was demonstrated through this study that GOgreen increased diatom numbers and microalgae species diversity showing a restorative effect on soil quality after herbicide treatment in heavily farmed soil. Additionally, GOgreen lowered the pH in soils with a pH higher than 7.0, emerging as an economical alternative that is safe for human consumption and the environment.
Agriculture Article
Feb 24 2015
In this article we’ll examine the issues facing the agricultural industry today and how BioFlora® can help increase crop yield by addressing common problems in a cost-effective, sustainable way.
Agriculture Article
Nov 19 2014
Throughout this article, we will explain the major benefits of algae to give you a better understanding of all that this unique group of organisms has to offer.
Press Release
Aug 20 2014
Through research and development, we discovered an improved method to grow and concentrate algae by perfecting a revolutionary growth medium as a nutrition source and stabilizing a unique aqueous solution of algae for commercial application.
Case Study
Aug 1 2014
We conducted a trial to determine if GOgreen could increase the yellow corns root biomass and yield, while reducing the percentage of moisture in the harvested produce.