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BioFlora® nurtures the partnership between crops and soil through biological solutions, which have been empirically proven to stimulate crop yield and quality in a sustainable and cost-efficient manner.
"The bottom line is, BioFlora® will be able to have a better product than the traditional agricultural industry ever had."
California Vegetable Grower

The Dirty Work: Bioflora Strawberry Case Study

Nurture vs. Nature: Caring for sensitive crops (Strawberry case study) The BioFlora® philosophy, “Nature Knows Best,” is derived from years of experience working in the field directly with growers....

CAPCA Conference

Date: October 19-21, 2014 Location: Anaheim, CA Booth Number: 803 & 902 Website: http://capca.com/conference/ Members attending this show will be: Michael Lindsey | President of Research and Development Stephen Pavich...