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BioFlora® nurtures the partnership between crops and soil through biological solutions, which have been empirically proven to stimulate crop yield and quality in a sustainable and cost-efficient manner.
Creating a Partnership between Plants & Soil

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"The end result with BioFlora® products has been a much finer quality product to the end user, which is much safer, much better and something that I feel is healthier for human consumption."
Arizona Chili Grower

The Dirty Work: Wine Grape Case Study

How do BioFlora® products actually work? Decades of research and development have gone into our BioFlora® line of products. As...

World Ag Expo

Date: February 9th-11th, 2016 Location: Tulare, CA Booth Number: 3518 & 3519 Website: www.worldagexpo.com/ BioFlora Members Attending this Show: Luke Blotsky...