Freshwater Algae

Did you know that soils contain as many as 1,000,000 algae cells per gram of soil? They do! This important fact is why adding products fortified with algae is essential to plant growth and development, it releases the benefits of this unique class of organisms. Our selected species of freshwater green and yellow-green algae are grown and cultivated by the Integrated Life Science Research Center® in a patented, organic process unique to our products. This allows our species of algae to be more biologically and chemically active, and contain more of the polysaccharides, proteins and enzymes growers need to realize improved crop production.

Our work has lead us to three distinct algae species (Chlorella, Nannochloris and Scenedesmus) that we utilize in our revolutionary algal products. These unicellular microorganisms work with both soil bacteria and fungi to build a sustainable and fertile environment for crops, and also aid in reducing plant stress for a more productive growing season.

Naturally active algal concentrates may be applied at any stage of plant growth, though we have found that the most dramatic results are achieved when they are applied at pre-plant and the early stages of the growth cycle. These benefits include increases in soil aggregation, soil structure, sodium mitigation and nutrient uptake – just to name a few.

Marine Algae

There are over 10,000 species of seaweed located throughout the world, and all of them contain some percentage of major, minor and trace minerals, auxins, vitamins, amino acids and antibiotics. We researched many different species of seaweed before discovering Ascophyllum nodosum, found in the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean. What is unique about Ascophyllum nodosum is the variety of vitamins found within it, which are essential for plant health, as well as other growth-promoting substances.

Within the industry there are two schools of thought when producing seaweed products. Most manufacturers use an extraction method that uses harmful hydroxides and sodium carbonates, which diminishes seaweeds crucial vitamin content. Using this method leads to a substandard product, that has been chemically processed and stripped of nearly all of seaweeds beneficial qualities.

True to our philosophy, BioFlora® follows a non-extraction method for our seaweed products. We begin with hand-harvested, sun-dried seaweed which is homogenized, processed at low temperatures and enhanced with our patented ionic minerals. This process keeps the natural benefits of seaweed intact, its green color vibrant and the addition of minerals ensures rapid uptake. By using this method, we can guarantee our clients a superior seaweed product, with all of the essential ingredients.

Combining Technologies

BioFlora always strives to be an innovator in the industry, and as such, we have developed the concept of using freshwater and marine algae as stand-alone products. Taking scientific discovery a step further, we have also began blending our Isolate and Humate technologies with Algae to create blends combining the strengths and benefits of both. To learn more, visit our Isolates technology page here, and our Humates technology page here!

Algae Products