The Integrated Life Science Research Center® began the process of isolating pure cultures of microorganisms, and categorized them by their beneficial properties such as; cellulose degradation, hydrocarbon degradation, and suppression of soil-borne plant pathogens.

Certain species of these extracted microorganisms degrade cellulose and hydrocarbons (long-chain sugar and carbon molecules) found in soils. These molecular compounds are broken down enzymatically, releasing nutrients that would otherwise be unavailable to the plant and other soil organisms.

Various isolate species continue to alter the soil environment by releasing tied up nutrients from a multitude of soil textures, such as clay, silt and loam. These microorganisms go a step further and outcompete damaging soil-borne plant pathogens, preventing them from feeding properly, and through the production of antibiotics create an inhospitable environment, which suppress the spread and presence of these pathogens.

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