Seaweed & Microalgae

BioFlora Seaweed Creme®

BioFlora Seaweed Creme® is made from Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed grown in the cold waters of the North Atlantic. The whole plant is hand-harvested, sun-dried, ground and homogenized. We process at ambient temperatures and utilize the whole plant, not an extract, which keeps the integrity of the seaweed intact. BioFlora Seaweed Creme® contains micronutrients (such as manganese, copper, iron and zinc), vegetal hormones (such as cytokinins and auxins), sugars (such as polysaccharides) and amino acids. Seeds treated with BioFlora Seaweed Creme® have been shown to enhance seed germination. BioFlora Seaweed Creme® may also enhance plant nutrient uptake, resulting in stronger growth of new plantings. BioFlora Seaweed Creme® stimulates growth of fruit buds, flowering and increased fruit set. It also enhances root growth and stimulates feeder roots in new plantings. This product is enhanced with our patented process known as Cellular Infuson® Technology.



    GOgreen® is a proprietary blend of six soil microalgae species from the phylum Chlorophyta (green algae) and Xanthophyta (yellow-green algae) concentrated in a freshwater matrix. GOgreen® acts as a biostimulant and contains important plant growth regulators. Adding GOgreen® helps naturally eradicate filamentous and matted blue-green algae as well as silicate diatoms from reservoirs, irrigation systems, and from the soil surface. GOgreen® contains enzymes and reactive ions that can solubilize sodium ions which may increase the leaching of sodium out of the root zone.


      Sea Isolates®

      Sea Isolates® is a liquid seaweed inoculant that contains a beneficial bacterium (Bacillus amyloliquefaciens) at a high concentration and is manufactured organically by our patented isolate technology. Sea Isolates® contains trace minerals, micronutrients, amino acids, vitamins and plant growth hormones (auxins, cytokinins, gibberellins) which are essential for plant growth. This product is enhanced with our patented process known as Cellular Infuson® Technology.



        IsoGreen® is a unique matrix of carbon complexes, organic acids, microalgae and beneficial bacteria formulated to help restore the biological health of soil and improve plant growth. IsoGreen® contains humic acid rich with high quality carbon complexes designed to support soil health and microorganism proliferation. IsoGreen® contains Fulvex® which releases tied up nutrients in the soil making them more soluble and readily available to plants with efficient uptake. IsoGreen® contains microalgae which functions to change the soil and water ecology, reduce sodium stress, improve rooting, yield, fruit quality and storage. IsoGreen® is fortified with two proprietary isolate strains of Bacillus species. This product is enhanced with our patented process known as Cellular Infuson® Technology.