Grass Is Always Greener with BioFlora®

Jul 18, 2016

Why the Grass is Always Greener with BioFlora®

Enjoy lush lawns and healthier plantings with organic products from BioFlora.
The grass doesn’t always have to be greener on the other side of the fence. Now you can have it at home! Enjoy lush lawns and healthier plantings with organic products from BioFlora. Summer drenches the senses with its wonderful sights, smells and textures. Thick emerald lawns offer families a place to picnic and play, and the abundant flowers give a special sweetness to the air. As the summer heat rolls in, homeowners still want the lushest lawns and the best blooms to enjoy summer to its fullest. However, many understand that using synthetic fertilizers to achieve these results can be harmful to the environment. Fortunately, they can now rely on BioFlora’s complete line of lawn and garden products for an organic way to enhance plant growth. Over the long term, synthetic fertilizers run off from lawns and enter our waterways, polluting streams, ponds and rivers[1] and create dead zones that kill aquatic life.[2] That’s why BioFlora has taken a different approach, developing a line of products based on organic agricultural practices. “The products in our lawn and garden line use exclusive blends of all-natural ingredients that have been successful in commercial growing operations,” said Luke Blotsky, CEO of BioFlora’s parent company Global Organics. “BioFlora’s products go deep, enriching the soil and encouraging plants’ growth from the ground up.”
BioFlora’s home and garden products include:
  • Soil Source®: an organic, biologically enhanced, humic acid that provides a diverse spectrum of naturally occurring, beneficial microbes. Soil Source helps rebuild and restore soils and improve lackluster lawns and gardens.
  • Dry Crumbles® 6-10-1 + 10% Ca: an organic, coarse grade dry fertilizer formulated to provide an excellent source of high-quality nutrients for all types of plants and lawns. Dry Crumbles will provide a long-lasting green-up to landscapes with ground cover or grasses and renewed vigor to flowering plants and shrubs.
  • Seaweed Creme®: an organic seaweed product that brings to home gardeners all of seaweed’s valuable concentrations of trace minerals, micronutrients, amino acids, and vitamins—all essential to encourage plant growth and nourish roots and blooms.
Don’t Wait!
We all  know summer goes by all too quickly, so don’t wait until next year to start seeing a big difference in your landscape. Using BioFlora’s organic products, get the best of both worlds: an immediate boost to the beauty of lawns and flowers and long-term improvements to been seen, enjoyed and experienced for many years to come. About BioFlora BioFlora is a division of Global Organics® Group (GOG), an international life sciences company that develops and manufactures proprietary organic and sustainable plant nutrition products and natural ionic minerals for human and animal health. For more than 40 years GOG and its BioFlora® business have been committed to preserving the earth’s ecosystem while providing superior plant nutrient systems. Located in Goodyear, Arizona, USA, GOG is able to serve customers both locally and globally with the use of Green Acres, its 1,200 acre research farm, as well as its USDA Permitted Integrated Life Science Research Center® (ILSRC).  For more information about Global Organics® Group, or to interview CEO and Managing Partner Luke Blotsky, please contact Sarah Van Wyk at svanwyk@globalorganicsgroup.com. Visit www.globalorganicsgroup.com to learn more.