Global Organics® Bolsters Isolate Production and Capacity

Sep 19, 2017
Adds another building block for success
PHOENIX, AZ (September 2017) – Global Organics is pleased to announce its plans to enhance its isolate production and capacity to prepare for the agricultural markets’ increased demand for biological pathogen suppression. Isolate is the term used to reference unique beneficial microorganisms designed to suppress soil-borne plant pathogens and increase the decomposition of organic and synthetic materials. This process started with Vicki Bess, who originally joined forces with our founder, Roger Blotsky, in the late 1980’s and was a pivotal figure in developing the isolate technology used by our leading agricultural division, BioFlora (www.bioflora.com). Vicki started the process of isolating pure cultures of microorganisms and categorized them by their beneficial properties for integration into BioFlora’s organic and agricultural inputs. During her tenure at GOG, Vicki acted as a mentor to many of our Integrated Life Science team members (www.ilsrc.com), our division to furthering research, development and innovation. Vicki is at it again with a mission to increase isolate production capacity and create a seamless transition for an enhanced production schedule. Vicki will also continue to advise the research and development division on new methods to optimize plant productivity using isolate technology within BioFlora products. “Microbial diversity is a key component of agricultural sustainability, and is one of the only ways to improve soil health and increase the bottom line for growers,” stated Vicki Bess. “The economics all make sense from a microbial to a macro level, so I am pleased work on this project and make a positive impact on this very real agricultural trend.” This sentiment was furthered by GOG’s Managing Partner and CEO, Luke Blotsky, “We are very excited to have Vicki focus her efforts on furthering our isolate technology. With her extensive background and intimate knowledge of both isolate technology and our products, I am confident in her ability to revitalize our isolate production and research and take it to the next level.” About Vicki H. Bess Vicki Bess is a microbiological consultant, with a concentration on the growing microbial concerns within the agricultural industry. She is the founder and former owner of BBC Laboratories, a commercial agricultural microbiology laboratory. She now works on an international scale to assist clients with analyzing and understanding the partnership between microbial communities in the soil and on the plant. Vicki has B.S. degrees in Biology and Zoology/Botany from Southeast Missouri State University and a M.S. degree in Microbiology from Arizona State University. Additionally, she served as an adjunct professor for the Department of Microbiology at Arizona State University for 13 years. She has many years of commercial experience evaluating soil microbial diversity, pathogen inhibition and plant responses to biological agricultural products. Vicki has spoken on the topics of soil microbiology, compost microbiology, turf microbiology and plant pathogen inhibition at numerous conferences and seminars during her career. About Global Organics Global Organics® Group (GOG) is an international, integrated life sciences company engaged in the development and manufacture of proprietary organic plant nutrition agricultural products and natural ionic minerals for Human and Animal health. For more than 40 years, GOG’s BioFlora® business has been committed to environmental sustainability through its efforts aimed at preserving our ecosystem while providing superior plant nutrient systems. Global Organics® continues to grow with a mission to enhance human and animal life, the vitality of plants and soils, as well as the restoration of the environment through their Mineral BioSciences® (MBS) division. Located in Goodyear, Arizona, USA, GOG serves customers both locally and globally with the use of Green Acres, our 1,200acre research farm, as well as our USDA Permitted Integrated Life Science Research Center® (ILSRC). For more information about Global Organics®, or to interview Managing Partner & CEO Luke Blotsky, please call 623-932-1522 or email Sarah Van Wyk at svanwyk@globalorganicsgroup.com. To learn more, visit www.globalorganicsgroup.com.