The Dirty Work: Soil Revegetation Case Study

Apr 11, 2017
BioFlora Improved Soil Revegetation
The following data has been compiled over several trials that were conducted throughout Indonesia with the BioFlora product Humega. Humega®, is an organic, biologically active, humate product. It works to increase soil aggregation, improve water infiltration, improve root development and stimulate microbial activity in the soil. This product was tested on soils that had been mined for tin and coal and were in need of a revegetation program. These soils had a low pH (3.8-4.6), had very low organic matter, low water holding and cation exchange capacity, had the potential for iron deficiency, had a decreased microbe population and were expected to perform in high temperatures. To alleviate these issues and revitalize these soil, BioFlora utilized the following program: Application Program Humega: Broadcast or banded 10 gals / acre (100 lts / ha) Granular NPK Product: Broadcast or banded 36 lbs / 1,000 sq.ft (16 kg / 1,000 sq. ft.) or 750 lbs / acre (840kg/ ha) *Application is for individual plant Humega: 20 gals (75.7 lts) blended with 100 gals (378 lts) of water. Apply 16 oz. (0.5 lts / ha) of blend per plant Granular NPK Product: Apply 2 – 3 ozs (0.06 – 0.09 kg) per plant

Revegetation Treatment 2 weeks vs. 6 weeks

Above: Treated soils two weeks after planting
  Above: Treated soils six weeks after planting

Revegetation Treatment Before, 3 Months, 7 Months

Above: Mangium, Before Treatment
Above: Mangium, Treated 3 months
Above: Mangium, Treated 7 months
              Revegetation Treatment Before, 3 months, 7 Months
Above: Johar, Before Treatment
Above: Johar, Treated 3 months
Above: Johar, Treated 7 months
Above: Johar, Before Treatment
Above: Johar, Treated 7 months
            Humega application for nutrient degraded soils to help establish trees
Above: Before Treatment
Above: Treated, 9 months
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