Throughout the world, commercial growers are faced with various challenges from the many elements that mother nature provides such as extreme weather conditions, pests and plant pathogens, drought, soil pH, and many more.  These types of conditions require environmentally-friendly solutions and innovative technologies that have been field tested and approved to stand up against these challenges. For over 40 years, BioFlora® has perfected through research and practical applications the process and the development of a Patented technology called Cellular Infuson™ Technology which can be found in 95% of our Bioflora products.

Cellular Infuson™ Technology is a key differentiator in our manufacturing process that allows us to preserve the natural properties present and driven by our signature brand Fulvex®. Fulvex® has multiple uses in the industry such as a standalone product or blended uses as an ingredient within other products. When added, it may enhance the performance of the formulation and may enhance yield and crop production, in turn adding value to your crops quality and quantity while increasing market value.