AG RX Partners with Top 7 Distributors

Jul 23, 2014
BioFlora® participates to inform growers on their organic and sustainable solutions
With over 100 years of agricultural experience, AG RX is an industry leader in both product knowledge and innovation. AG RX provides crop protection chemicals, fertilizers and the equipment that applies them, for agricultural, turf, ornamentals and nursery stock customers throughout California. Whether in the fields, in orchards, or in a greenhouse, AG RX has the best combination of technology, science and grower knowledge necessary for great products and service, leading to optimal performance and profitability. Throughout this project, AG RX worked with their top seven distributors; Syngenta, BASF, Arysta LifeScience, Certis USA, Tessenderlo Kerly, Yara and BioFlora to create a series of videos that highlighted what each company provides. As a distributor, BioFlora enhances AG RX’s product line with organic and sustainable fertilizers, which fulfill their customer’s needs and expectations without using synthetic chemicals. BioFlora’s shared commitment to safe, environmentally sound and community sensitive operations are the foundations of our relationships. When looking for products that advance soil ecology, fertility and strive for the best yields while sustaining the same soil for future generations, turn to BioFlora. BioFlora products currently available at AG RX locations include: Humega, GOgreen, GO Isolates, Seaweed Creme, Fulmega, DynaMega 2-1-1, BioFlora Dry Crumbles, and a variety of micronutrient and NPK formulations. View Video Below