Why Use BioFlora® Products?

Aug 12, 2016

Why Use BioFlora Products?

The GOAL in using organic products, namely, fertilizers, is to bring your soil into balance. A balanced soil, or healthy soil will feed plant life. Therefore, our goal is to feed the soil, which feeds plant life. We will always have present in our soils – pathogens, weed seed, and fungal spores – you will never eradicate them, nor would you want to. They too, are part of the healthy ecology, and play a role. WHEN APPLYING Dry Crumbles® 6-10-1 + 10% Ca we are seeking to provide natural forms of N-P-K (Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium), plus vital minerals and nutrients missing in our soils. Nitrogen, for instance, allows for a quick response i.e. green-up in the case of grasses and turf.  However, our ultimate goal is the slow release of minerals and nutrients to sustain our lawns over time, so that we can use less N-P-K over time – N-P-K serves a role, but too much N-P-K is not good for the ecology, nor necessary for your plants to thrive. A vibrant lawn or plant is not how quickly it grows; it’s how dense the lawn is and/or full the plant is, respectively.  The measure of a healthy soil is the ecology of your soil; do you have beneficial bugs, and earthworms in your soil? Is it flocculated, like topsoil?  If so, this is a good sign.  People often say; “I have clay in my yard” but we’d suggest that you have ‘dead’, or ‘out of balance’ soil. When you don’t have beneficial bugs, earthworms, oxygen, and water penetrating your soil you will end up with very hard soil that nothing survives in. “[With BioFlora] My own lawn is alive again,” stated Kurt Meyer, past president of the Illinois Green Industry and owner of Meyer Landscape Design Inc. “I have worm action more noticeably than I ever remember seeing…my plants are thriving and the turf has very little fungi problems compared to previous years”. NOW THEN, organic products, require time to do their magic. After all, we’ve used other practices for years, even decades; doesn’t it make sense to give this time?  We still want to use pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides with our organic programs for turf; however, our ultimate goal is that the ecology of our soil will become so balanced there will be a requirement for less and less herbicides, and pesticides over time. As you build a much stronger soil ecology you get better root zones, which equates to a healthier plant, turf, or crop (in the case of edible gardens). Kurt continued “my lawn grows tickers but not so vigorously as it did with synthetics, all of this is due to using the BioFlora product line of products and the interaction in the soil.” In the case of Dry Crumbles, it is wise to apply Soil Source® (Humic Acid – Available in 1 gallon, 1 quart, and 1 pint containers), as often as you can, as it too helps to build up the structure of your soil and make nutrients and minerals more readily available to plant life (1 – 3 oz. per gallon of water). Because humic acid inherently has a high CEC ratio (300 – 400) and is negatively charged, meaning it can actually break up your harder soils, which are positively charged, and flocculate that soil over time.  A flocculated soil is a more porous soil, which allows oxygen, water, and other beneficial bacteria to enter the root zone of whatever it is you are growing. By introducing, Soil Source, which is high in carbon, essentially we are giving the soil the vehicle it needs to transport N-P-K and minerals and nutrients to the root zone. Additionally, Seaweed Creme® (Available in 1 gallon, 1 quart, and 1 pint containers) is wonderful for the soil as it has natural growth hormones that can help seed to germinate i.e. grass seed, for a much-thicker, more-dense yard.  Moreover, Seaweed Creme promotes better root mass and when combined with Soil Source over time, you will find that it promotes the development of deeper penetrating root zones that are more resistant to topical diseases and drought. In the final analysis, it’s one thing to be environmentally friendly, but the reality is that you want a good return on your investment. Over time, the BioFlora product line should help you do both – save the ecology and save money at the same time. Rather than having to apply a 5-step program, as is the case with some of the “Brand-Name” companies that promote man-made petroleum based products; BioFlora products are made up of decomposed animal and plant bi-products – formulated in a special blend – that farmers have been entrusting their livelihoods to since 1972.