Aurora Co-Op Leads Sales Seminar for BioFlora Products

Jun 24, 2014
For over 100 years, Aurora Co-Operative of York, Nebraska has been an integral component in the success of agriculture in the Midwest, providing high quality, competitive products and services that growers rely on. As part of a growing opportunity, Aurora Co-Operative has partnered with BioFlora to bring organic and sustainable fertilizers and soil amendments into their distribution channels. For the first time, Aurora Co-Op hosted two, one-day seminars for their Eastern and Western Regional Sales Force to get hands-on training for several BioFlora products. Presenters were Michael Lindsey, President of Research and Development, Derex Zellars Environmental Scientist, both from the Integrated Life Science Research Center® (ILSRC) Division of Global Organics and Dave Scamehorn, BioFlora’s Midwest Crop Advisor. The York, Nebraska seminar was attended by sixty (60) depot managers and agronomists; the Western Regional Sales Force at Hastings, NE was attended by forty (40) depot managers and agronomists. The information presented covered the genesis of the Global Organics Group of Companies and its three divisions; BioFlora, ILSRC, and Mineral BioSciences®. One of BioFlora’s newest product technologies GO Isolates® (a microbial soil inoculant) and one key product, Fulvex® (a natural ionic chelator) were discussed at length with both groups. Corroborating efficacy data from local corn and soybean field trials conducted on Aurora test plots, Real Farm Research (RFR) and local farm test plots were also used to support both products. Anticipating next season’s growth and future trials based on BioFlora’s success with corn and soybeans, future trials and follow-up seminars have been scheduled for the following crops: alfalfa, cotton, wheat and sugar beets. nebraska 2