Science, research and expertise make up the foundation in which BioFlora® was built on. Through our environmental sustainability efforts aimed at preserving our ecosystem, as well as our unique proprietary product line, we are able to:

  • Enhance plant growth and beneficial bacteria and fungi
  • Mineralize soil nutrients by increasing the  decomposition of organic and synthetic materials
  • Aid soil ecology, recovery, friability and fertility
  • Increase microbial diversification, population and density
  • Increase plant metabolism
  • Mitigate plant stress from environmental conditions
  • Aid in bud and flower formation
  • Increase root growth, fruit development, and shelf life
  • Enhance disease resistance and suppression

Using our Integrated Life Sciences Research Center® , we are able to develop our own proprietary product formulations and analyze them in several of our ILSRC facilities, in addition to conducting university and grower field trials. The ILSRC currently focuses on:

  • Identification of new microorganisms and microalgae for bio- and phytoremediation.
  • Development of new organic and environmentally friendly product formulations to improve soil conditions, restore plant health, and improve crop yields.
  • Understanding and targeting fungal and bacterial plant pathogens, as well as the conditions conducive to plant/crop infections.
  • Educating growers on soil ecology, plant physiology, plant pathology, and nutrition.
  • Optimization of plant development through the proper application of BioFlora’s organic and sustainable products.
  • Develop new protocols and analytical techniques for agricultural experimentation.

The Integrated Life Sciences Research Center’s vision is to become the first research team in the country dedicated to promoting the development of safe sustainable practices, products, services and protocols through life sciences.